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Patio and Deck Installation in San Jose


If you are looking to utilize the space in your backyard, consider a concrete patio or deck as an option. Having one can add an element of enjoyment to your outdoor space by providing a convenient space to gather family and friends to have a barbecue, sunbathe or stargaze. If your back yard is small, concrete can be easily shaped to fit within any space restrictions.

Why Concrete?

If you’re picturing a lifeless, gray slab of cement in your back yard, think again! We offer a variety of different colors and patterns of concrete for you to choose from for your patio. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders in 2012 named concrete as the patio building material of choice in the United States because of the many decorative options that color-stamped concrete has become available in. Our concrete can be matched to your home’s landscape or interior color scheme.

Another reason that concrete is the choice material for outdoor features is because it will not warp or deteriorate. It can easily withstand the harshest of weather conditions and has no cracks or joints for grass and weeds to grow in between. It is also a cheaper alternative to stone or brick because it requires less labor for installation. The economic benefits coupled with the range of colors and patterns point to concrete being a smart and choice for your budget.

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